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Avoine Dorée was one of the most enjoyable energy bars that I have ever tasted!   Had to have 2 because I loved it so much.  Amazing for on the go people that don't want to carry around a meal!


Attila Gombos
CBBF Bodybuilder


These bars are delicious...they are so good, I usually eat three at a time!


Tim Moss


I'm hooked! I love these bars I can't just
eat one!

Shawn O'Leary


Fell in love with Avoine Dorée after the first bite! No store-bought brands can compare with it in both quality and price. Delicious combination of natural ingredients before or after workout or even a snack on the go will keep you satisfied and smiling :) It is definitely a part of my diet and recommend it to anyone who keeps up a healthy lifestyle or is looking for an alternative to store-bought sweets.


Nikita tsepliaev


Why do I love these bars... With my busy schedule it is a perfect start to my day, it gives me my carbs and proteins that I need with no additives or preservatives. Quick, easy, healthy and delicious, what more could I ask for :)
Oh yeah and very reasonably priced!!


Jenn Siegner


As a health conscious person it is hard to find an all natural bar that tastes good, but Avoine Doree is delicious. All natural, great taste, great source of fibre and protein - what more do you need? Sometimes I eat them cold and sometimes I'll heat them up, I can never decide which tastes better. Try them!


Kayla Brenneman


Avoine Doree bars are absolutely incredible! These bars have so much going for them but the best thing about them is that they are 100% all Natural and that is very important to me. We don't realize how many chemicals and additives are in our foods these days and it is so nice to be able to enjoy a bar that is healthy AND delicious.